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my second reason for running…

18 February, 2010

Today we’ve got a guest blogger…cubicle dad’s dad:

for your blog:

My heart story started on a normal Friday afternoon, I had my usual lunch, a burger, fries and soda, but about an hour later I had a bit of “heartburn.” I took some TUMS. After work I did my usual walk, about 4 1/2 miles around the beautiful Lady Bird Lake in the center of our city. On Saturday, after work and my walk, I stopped in to help a friend install a turbocharger on his car. I declined his dinner invitation because I had “heartburn” again. I took some ROLAIDS instead. After work on Sunday I still felt bad. I’d eaten TUMS and ROLAIDS all day but still had a little “burn”, so when I got home I took a nap. Since it was Easter, I called my mom and then my older sister, a nurse, when I told her about my indigestion she said, “That’s not normal. You need to go see a doctor as soon as possible, today.”

Yeah, OK.

I don’t know why I did, I‘ve never listened to her advice in the past, but I took a shower and drove myself to the hospital in a nearby town. I checked into the ER, and had them look at me. After a few minutes I had an EKG running and the doc walked in, sat down and said, “Sir, you’re having a heart attack.”

“Well, I don’t hurt.”

“It’s pretty serious.”

“But it doesn’t hurt.”

A little while later I’m in an ambulance going into the city. I arrive at the Heart Hospital. I get to their ER and everyone is really excited, I mean REALLY excited. I get wheeled into the catheter lab and they find the blocks. 45 minutes later I’m under the knife and I get a triple bypass.

It was 10 years ago when I got my wakeup call, I was 49. I am so proud of my son for getting his call earlier in life. Of course I’ve warned Dan that my father had his first heart attack at 49 and his other grandfather had a fatal heart attack at age 54. Perhaps Dan is breaking the cycle.

Go to the doctor and get a check up; know your family’s history. Watch your weight, don’t smoke, drink or eat in excess. Enjoy your life! I do.

I remember where I was when I got a call form my aunt about my dad, but not all the details. Everything sort of blurred together. I had just returned to Champaign from a Chicago visit. I had spend Good Friday at the Field Museum seeing the Dead Sea Scrolls. It was a great trip.

I was at a friend’s apartment when I got the call. I think I called my dad, or he called me…not sure. But I remember being scared at the way he sounded.

The next morning it was decided my sister and I would fly down to Austin. I booked a flight up to O’Hare and met up with my sister and we headed for the gate. On the flight…I decided I needed a drink. I ordered two…figured sister could sneak a sip or two. The flight attendant got all pissy because sister was a month short of 21. He threatened to keep us on the plane and have the book thrown at us. The big Texan next to me, told him to shut his trap, get him another drink and to leave us alone. He knew exactly why we were in a hurry.

When we got up to deplane…Tex turned to us and told us, “to follow him, if he tries anything he’s block for us.” Awesome! See, weird…this I remember vividly, but not all the details. I remember being scared.

We arrived late evening, and I think dad was in surgery…we weren’t able to see him right away. Though again, not sure.

We took turns sitting with him in the ICU recovery room for a bit, then went to get some sleep. He was up the next morning, and I remember dad being bummed because the doctor told him he had to slow down and take it easy…and that he was a Type II Diabetic. He moped and said he would have to sell his car…his Miata…because he had to slow down, and wouldn’t be able to have fun.

I’m proud of my dad! Since then he’s taken the bull by the horns, and run with it. Yes he is a diabetic…but he’s managed it like a pro. He eats well and he exercises! To be honest, I took his effort for granted. But stopping to think about it, my dad is awesome…he inspires me.

And so yeah, my dad helps fuel my fund raising effort. I need your help…all of you. Please take a minute and go donate. My goal is to raise $5,000 and I think it’s an achievable goal…so if you can, please make a donation. I appreciate your support…so does my dad.

Tell your friends, spread the word…let’s shatter that $5,000 goal!


weigh in wednesday…

17 February, 2010

Results are in…I’m down 3.7lbs this week (I can’t do math, I texted 3.4lbs earlier), for a total of 55.6lbs lost in 19 weeks! I’m a little overwhelmed and excited this morning!

This morning Coach Jen had me run in zone 1…sloooooooooooow. It was easy…I fought the urge to take off when I saw my “nemesis”…another runner who is out typically with his dogs. I’ve tried saying “hey”, or “what’s up?” as he passes me. He never says anything, just sort of sneers when passes. I REALLY wanted to race him…and make him eat my dust.

Tomorrow is my gym day, and I can’t wait. Tomorrow will also be my dad’s guest/ co post…looking forward to it.

More later!

Oh, and if you haven’t had a chance…please take a moment to go donate! Thanks!

fun run…

16 February, 2010

I don’t know why, but I was up early this morning. Like up at 330am early…I finally got ready to run at 4am or so…and had a fun 40 minute run. It went ok. Ran fairly easy for 15 minutes, then did 2 minutes hard/ 2 easy…3 times. The first two went well, the third…yeah I struggled a bit. But I finished. I ran back home and refueled a bit before getting ready for work.

Coach Jen has a zone 1 ONLY run scheduled for tomorrow…so I’ll knock that out in the morning. And tomorrow morning is the next weigh in…can’t wait!

Pam works tonight, and I’ll be hanging out with the girls.

More later!

who wants a shirt?

15 February, 2010

Ok so I’m excited…really, really, REALLY excited! See, coming soon, like with in a week or so, you’ll be able to order your team cubicle shirt!

Yes, these puppies are bright red, moisture wicking bad asses and I like ’em!

I’ve found a fantastic company Scrappy Music & Apparel to print them. To maximize profits we’ll wait until 100-150 shirts are ordered, and then I’ll have them printed and shipped. So I’ll need help spreading the word, selling shirts and making the magic happen. But remember it’s for a great cause! All proceeds will go towards my fund raising efforts for the American Heart Association!

So, give me a few days to firm up the details, get the order form posted, etc…and we’ll get rolling.

But, in the meantime…do you like the design? Think you’ll buy one? Two? Enough for the whole family?

More later!

monday fun…

15 February, 2010

I woke up at 4am thinking I had a run…checked email…nope, rest day. Crap! Tried going back to sleep, after a half hour I just got up and started getting ready. I got the girls and Pam up to get ready and then went to get PG’s bag ready, get K fed and made lunches for Pam and I. After dropping the girls off, Pam and I headed into work/school. Once we parked I realized that I have a lunch appointment and didn’t need to make a lunch for myself. Doh!

Both miscues made me realize I need to recommit to staying organized. Some things are slipping through the cracks as I’m trying to juggle everything. Call it a hiccup, or a tired mind…after last week I can understand…last minute party planning, kicking off fund raising and work…yeah, it happens.

Tomorrow Coach Jen has a 40 minute run scheduled. Fifteen minute warm up run, the three 2 min hard/ 2 min easy…with the hard being zone 4 or over. Shouldn’t be too bad.

Later this week…Thursday I think, my dad is going to guest post and we’ll talk more about why I’m running and raising funds for the American Heart Association.

More tonight!


14 February, 2010

I thought I was running faster than I did. I felt ok, a little pain in the right hip and right ankle…but nothing really that bad. I took a different route, and enjoyed the view. I was really tentative on any ice…I felt my self tense up every time I got close to a patch. Still gun shy I guess. I thought about heading up to the trail…but the road is too busy to run on and the sidewalks to there were a mess. I like running in the cold, but can’t wait until it gets warmer.

But after mapping my route and checking the time…damn it. Slow as shit…6.02 miles, 14:24 pace. I should have gone harder. I’m a little disappointed in myself with today’s run.

This week is a step back week, and after the last few days, I am grateful. It’s going to be busy at work, and Pam has plenty going on for school.

More later, need to do more laundry.

what a day…

13 February, 2010

Wow, what a day…a long day, but fun. Seeing K paint with her friends was contagious as Pam, me and most of the adults were hooked and painted too! It was a fun time at If An Elephant Can Paint!

We then went to my FIL’s house and partied with family…and we had a blast! K was tired by the time we left but on a bit of a sugar high.

We’re home and the girls are in bed…and I’m pooped. Going to just veg for a bit. I’ll get my running stuff ready for my run before bed and then hit it in th morning. I think I’m going to get up at 4am and hit it. Should give me plenty of time then to catch my breath before Pam heads to work.

Alright, time to veg…more tomorrow.