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marathon sponsors

This will be my running “thank you” page for those helping along this journey!

Pamela, Kaelyn & Penelope- thank you for your love and support! Ilove you three more than anything! I”m glad you’re in my corner!

To my friends and family- thank you for the support, for the words of encouragement and for believing in me!

Dave Wallach @ Pace of Chicago– Thank you for replying and posting for me! Thank you for fanning the flame!

Coach Jen Harrison @ Thank you for coaching me! I’m glad we’re working together! Folks, go check out her site- she’s awesome!

Mark, Pom, Tim & Erin @ Runners High N Tri– thank you SO much for the awesome shoes and workout gear! I love it! The shoes are fantastic!!! Mark, I can feel the difference, you were right! If you’re a runner, or thinking about running, check them out! Or call them…847.670.9255! Here are a few pics from the first visit!

Jonny @ Jonny Gets Fit– Jonny, thanks for reading, for the support and awesome advice!

Barb @ Running Jayhawk-Barb, thanks for reading and sending notes of encouragement! Give me a little bit and I’ll be ready to run along the river/lake!

Lauren @ Little Runner Girl– thank you! Your story and Dave’s telling of said story inspired me. I emailed him right after reading it!

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