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new pants day with a side of confidence…

20 February, 2010

With rest day here, I did my best to do just that…Pam even let me sleep in! I finally rolled out of bed at 830am. Yes, that is sleeping in when you get up at 4am every day!

We had a quiet morning, doing nothing really…a little web surfing with my feet up.

As I noted yesterday, my pants were too big…again. So today we headed to Old Navy. Which is big for me. Being as overweight as I was before I started this journey, I hated shopping for clothes. I despised it, feared it and tried to avoid it and thinking about how big I was. I felt embarrassed.

I especially hated going to Old Navy. They never had my size. Every time we’d go I’d look, not find anything, freak out, give up and spend a good chunk of the day hating on myself.

Today was different. I was excited to go…see, I’m down 6 inches around the waist! So I got new jeans and new work pants! Sah-weet!

I’m digging clothes shopping, and look forward to going again soon!

After Old Navy, we headed home and hung out…PG is teething and clingy. But it was nice hanging out all 4 of us.

Tomorrow I have a 45minute run, which I’ll knockout in the morning. K, PG and I will take Pam to work as we’ll be heading to Runners High n Tri in the afternoon for Coach Jen‘s get together! I can’t wait!

Afterwards we’ll pick Pam up and head home to get ready to tackle the week…and the snow apparently.

Next Sunday, Coach Jen has an 80 minute group run planned…who’s down?

More later…

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  1. 20 February, 2010 7:05 pm

    6″! That is amazing, dan. !!!! Look forward to seeing you tomorrow night – well, MEETING YOU actually. We are heading to Tucson on Wed for 5 days, so I will not be around next weekend.

    • 20 February, 2010 7:07 pm

      Good timing with the snow! Lol!

      I’m looking forward to meeting you too! Unless my father-in-law changes his mind, I’m bringing the girls with me!

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