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friday fun…

19 February, 2010

I got up at 4am to run…but was still zonked out. I realized I was working from home and could run after I dropped Pam and the girls off…so I did. It was tough…warmed up for 5minutes, then took it up to zone 3 for 15 minutes, then up to zones 4-5 for 5 minutes…I cooled down in zone 2 and headed for home. It was tough…but I’m glad I did it.

A lesson though, don’t run while fasting for blood work…you won’t do that well, and well, if you’re like me and get the brand spanking new nurse doing said blood draw…it’s not fun. Especially when you are a little apprehensive about needles already. Noob nurse used me like a pin cushion…not able to find a vein in my right arm after 5 minutes of rooting around, she took to the left. Five more minutes passed and she found one…took her 3 tries to hit it though and well…I damn near passed out, or maybe I did. It’s a little hazy. I felt flush, then cold and started sweating a lot. They let me lay down for a bit and got me some orange juice and water…I was ok. But yeah, that was super fun.

So I’m working from home today, because I didn’t think fighting traffic to get to work was worth it.

This evening we’re grocery shopping and laying low…to kick off my rest day right lol!

More later…

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