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gym day…

18 February, 2010

I hit the gym this morning, and it has apparently hit me back. I’m sore now…but a good sore.

Tomorrow Coach Jen has a 45 minute run scheduled…

BT: Step-ups. Warm up building to zone 3 heart rate. Hold for 15 minutes. Then step-up to zone 4-5a heart rate for 5 minutes. Relaxed form. Cool down.

It’ll be a nice way to kick Friday off!

The weekend schedule should be fairly light…outside of grocery shopping tomorrow evening, I don’t think we have much planned. Sunday I have a short run…and then at 4pm I’m heading to Runners High n Tri for Coach Jen’s party! I can’t wait! I’ve got my gift certificate from my dad and stepmom waiting…sah-weet!

Pam’s working tonight…so the girls and I will hang out for a bit. After they’re asleep, I may snooze on the couch or read. Not sure yet.

If you haven’t read about my dad– my second reason for running…go read, and then please go donate! And then, spread the word! Just like Regina did and like Coach Jen did! Thanks Regina, thanks Coach Jen, you’re both awesome!

I’m thinking we’ll start the pre-selling of team cubicle shirts tomorrow...maybe this weekend. There’s an option to pay online, or you can email me and we’ll set something up. We’ll see what happens!

More later.

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