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birthday bash

13 February, 2010

We’ve having K’s 5th birthday party today…yay! At 11 we’re going to If An Elephant Can Paint for a figurine painting party!d K and some of her friends will have fun! Later at 1 or so, we’re moving the party to my FIL’s house…for the family party. Why seemingly are we doing 2 parties? Because we can…seriously, If An Elephant Can Paint doesn’t have it’s own paring, and they’ll still be open for business besides us. I think today is going to be fun.

Today is my rest day, and I’m glad…I’m sore from the fall. Getting a bruise on my ankle, on my knee, butt and my shoulder is sore and weak. Nothing ice and rest won’t cure.

Coach Jen has an 85 minute run scheduled tomorrow…my longest yet! If anyone wants to run, give me a shout. It looks like next week is a step back week, and I was going to ask why as we just had one…but then I realized it’s been longer than I remembered lol!

Next week, I’m going to share my second reason for running and raising funds…my dad. He’ll guest host a post! We talked yesterday for a bit…and it sounds like he’s coming up for the Shamrock Shuffle which is cool! I’m still hopeful he can come up in October for the marathon. We’ll see what happens!

He called to tell me that he and MAB (my stepmom) got me a gift certificate for Runners High ‘n Tri for Christmas! Sah-weeet! I don’t think I have time to go this weekend but I will be there on the 21st…Coach Jen is hosting a party! Woot!

Alright, time to go pick up the cake! More later!

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