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strides in the snow

9 February, 2010

I got up early this morning, thanks to PG waking Pam and I at 3:15 or so. I took my time getting ready, ate and then hit it about 4:15. It was snowing pretty hard when I started…and we had about 2 inches on the ground already. Looking back, I probably should have worn my mask with the wind…but I was ok. Running this early, especially when it’s snowing is SO peaceful!

I warmed up in low zone 2 for 17 minutes, then did 5 x 20 second strides, with 2 minute easy jogs between them. I think I did well. I feel good, which honestly is the first time after strides I’ve felt good. lol!

Got home and found K in bed with Pam…so I brought her present in to our room and went to shower. They were both out when I was done, so I woke them up and we celebrated K’s 5th this morning. She loved her gift, and requested eggs and peanut butter toast for her birthday breakfast. She then went to tell the dogs, the cat and PG that she was 5 now and not 4…awesome.

We took PG to school first, and then dropped K off…cupcakes for her classmates in hand. They sang to her as we walked in! And she saw her birthday crown ready for her to wear…and her voice went up 6 octaves when she saw it.

Pam then dropped me at the train to head in to work. And she headed for class.

She’s working tonight, so FIL, Pam’s grandma, K, PG and I are going out for K’s birthday dinner. Then home for jammies and rest lol!

Weigh in Wednesday tomorrow…can’t wait! Ok, maybe I peeked! lol!

More later!

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