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snowy run…

10 January, 2010

dan looks lost or confused at the end of the butt-cold run this morning.

This morning I got to run with Dave Wallach of Pace of Chicago, Lauren Kaminsky and Iron Barb! I was slow today…maybe it was the cold, maybe the stress of Pam starting classes again tomorrow, a case of the nerves…or just the snow…I don’t know. But I had fun. It was a snowy trail run, more snow than the last time I ran with Dave…and Daisy Dog! I found it harder to find a groove to run it…though that could mostly be from running the majority of the run without my glasses on, so basically running blind. I need contacts STAT!

Dave had me experiment with eating on the run…Clif power gels I think (?) It was a square gummy thing…not bad. Honestly, despite the snow, and the hard time moving through it…I feel better. Yeah, I’m sore. But I feel peppier. Last long run I was pooped…so I guess I expected that. Here’s Dave’s take of this morning’s run! We did 5.2 miles? Sweet!

Didn’t happen. I’m good. Got home, Pam went to work, and I’m working on laundry and hanging with the girls. PG just went down for a nap and K and I are watching “Ratatouille”.

So Dave, Lauren and Barb…thank you! I had a blast!

More later!

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