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today’s workout…

13 November, 2009

Went fairly well, until close to the end. I fell a part a bit. Coach Jen had me run 5 minutes/ walk 1….and repeat. I made it until the fifth 5 minute run, then just sort of fell apart. Legs got heavy and I was sucking wind. Ended up doing 3 min run/ 1 walk/ 2.5 min run/ 1 walk, 2 min run…and then walked 5 min to cool down.

On the bright side…I kept moving.

Looking at next week’s work outs, Runs on Mon, Wed, Fri and Sunday…gym day on Tuesday and a walk on Thursday. Sundays run is 50 minutes. I won’t lie, I’m a little intimidated by it…but I’ll do my best!

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