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29 June, 2006

Yes, “Cubicle Dad”….has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? I like it anyway.

Why change you ask?
Well, I thought making it more obvious I was a working dad with a blog made sense. And what’s with the stick dudes in the background? And up there in the title? What’s with them?

Now yes technically those are petroglyphs (look it up), but come now, surely you’ve heard of cubicle minions…right? They’re happy little scamps who run around cubicles helping working dads get stuff done. They sing all day, bring you coffee, and are just so darn resourceful with their little paddles.

Ok…so they’re not really cubicle minions. They are there to represent why I’m blogging as a working dad.

To show that there are fathers who work, who aren’t clueless about what goes on at home, with their wives, who aren’t simple minded, and who do just as much as home as they do at work.

We’re the dads who share the load. What’s up?

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