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10 June, 2005

Yesterday, Kaelyn turned 4 months old, and around here thats pretty cool. Pam took her in for a check up with her pediatrician, and everything looks great. Then the nurse brought in the shots- not so fun. Her doctor wants us to go ahead and start “exploring” the world of solid foods. So Pam called me and asked me to stop at the store and pick up a box of Rice cereal, I did.

We even ventured into the world of cereal last night as Kaelyn enjoyed her first spoon fed meal. We followed the directions on the box- and got the “soupy version” first- but our “little diva” didn’t seem to happy with that, she fussed a bit.

So we thickened it up a bit, getting it to almost the consistency of cream of wheat- and well, it went pretty well- as far as a first feeding can go I guess. I mean, I have nothing to compare it to.

My god what a mess! You’d think neither Pam or I had ever picked up a utensil before!!! Pam and I felt like complete fools with that spoon!

“Der der der…where does this go?!?!”

It was quiet entertaining to say the least, and Kaelyn I think had fun too. Fingers in the mouth, up the nose, food up the nose, finger and food in the eye…big smile, SQUEL!!!

I’ll be posting pictures later today or tomorrow as soon as Pam gets them uploaded- they looked hilarious on the camera.

All in all, a good day…

And I’m done.

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