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cubicle dad has moved!

21 January, 2012

Cubicle dad can now be read at cubicle dad runs! So go over there!

Why are you still reading this?



cubicle dad is moving…

23 February, 2010

Hey everybody, some news…cubicle dad has a new home at Chicago Now! We’ll call this the first chapter, and then new Chicago Now version, the continuation of my story…

I want to thank you for reading, for the support and for the motivation! I appreciate it!

I’m excited about this, and think it’s going to be awesome! So head over and check it out! I’ll still be sharing my story, running, getting fit and having fun!

I may post here from time to time, but more than likely, I’ll be posting over there!

it’s team cubicle t-shirt time!

23 February, 2010

So I’ve waited long enough…it’s time to start selling the team cubicle t-shirts.

Click here to go pre-order your shirts!

Team cubicle shirts are $25 each, in sizes S-XXL and available in both Men’s and Women’s!

Team cubicle shirts will cost about $10 each to print…which means that when you buy a shirt, you’re making a $15 donation to the American Heart Association!

Yes, these puppies are bright red, moisture wicking bad asses and for a fantastic cause!  All profits from team cubicle shirts will go towards my fund raising goal for this year’s Chicago Marathon!

The more shirts that are ordered make the cost go down per shirt ($10 each for an order of 75 versus $9.30 each if 150 are ordered).  I’d like to wait until we hit 100 shirts ordered, then get them printed and shipped to everyone!  Sound ok?  Think we can do it?  Or, should we aim for 150?

Here are the mock ups (some folks want the “sexy buff” tag line on the shirts, others do not…I went with out it, unless there is a HUGE outcry for it.)

For the guys…

For the ladies…

Order your shirts today and show your support for a fantastic cause!

Please note: Shirts will not be shipped until a minimum number have been pre ordered.  You will receive email notification when the order will be sent for printing, and when your order will be shipped.

All shirts that need to be shipped will be shipped via USPS flat rate shipping at a charge of $4.95.

as today is busy…

21 February, 2010

I’m linking to Coach Jen’s QOTD

Turn off the TV.

Turn off the music.


Run naked. No gadgets.

Silence the noise and negative energy.

Turn off the clutter in the mind.

Turn off the incessant chatter and useless clamor in your head.

FEEL more.

LOVE yourself.

Make yourself your #1 priority. Moms, this means you.

Stop making excuses.

Stop looking for someone to save you. Save yourself.

Stop whining.

Be the change you want to see.

TRUST your instincts.

Be humble but confident.

Nothing is so loathed as self-deprecation.

If you teach your daughters one lesson in life, teach her this: SELF-CONFIDENCE. Without it, you will never reach your true potential. With it, you can rule the world.

Ask for help when you need it.

Don’t be a martyr.

Realize you cannot do it alone.

Get out of your rut.

Stop counting calories.

Always sleep more.

Stop searching for the next great thing. There is no such thing.

Stop pretending that age will not catch up with you. Instead, face it head on and embrace it.

Stop comparing yourself to others. “IF only…” doesn’t get you too far in life.

Celebrate the small successes because without them we are always in search of the next big thing.

NO regrets.

Follow rules when you should and break rules when you know you need to.

Love the body you were given.

Always remember who helped you get to where you are – and always thank them.

Have a mentor. Have a role model. Maybe a couple. Beyond that and the clear lines start to bleed.

Remember, everyone bleeds red.

When the workout says HARD – go hard. Don’t ask what hard is. IF you don’t know what hard is…then you clearly need to learn what HARD MEANS. It is not a Heart Rate zone, it is not a % of effort. It is hard. KNOW thyself.

Smash the glass ceilings that you have imposed on yourself!

You have to protect the privacy of the advice you get, or you’ll never get the advice you want or need.

Stop thinking and just do.

Tomorrow is a new day, just move on to it.

When you struggle with IF you should workout ask yourself, “What is my competition doing today?”

Become more resilient.

Develop a thick skin and a tough mind.

Always hire the best money can buy. You will never regret it.

Pay it forward. That is living!

Learn how to say NO. It is the most freeing word in our language.

The body does not lie. The mind does.

The best don’t second guess, they just do.

Don’t be vain. They are not talking about you.

The rest ponder, over think and overanalyze too much.

Never underestimate the power of positive visualization. Ask the winners- they won the race before they showed up.

Spend more time improving yourself that you don’t have any time left to criticize others.

Nobody cares about how much you know – until they know how much you care.

Remember it is not the problems you have in life that define you, it is how you handle those problems that define you.

Striving for excellence will ignite you – striving for perfection will destroy you.

Remember, no one takes you as seriously as you take yourself.

I want to go run now…but I’m leaving in a bit with K and PG to head to Runners High n Tri and meet Coach Jen! I’m excited and nervous…not 100% sure why!

More later after we get home with Pam! Hopefully pics too!

new pants day with a side of confidence…

20 February, 2010

With rest day here, I did my best to do just that…Pam even let me sleep in! I finally rolled out of bed at 830am. Yes, that is sleeping in when you get up at 4am every day!

We had a quiet morning, doing nothing really…a little web surfing with my feet up.

As I noted yesterday, my pants were too big…again. So today we headed to Old Navy. Which is big for me. Being as overweight as I was before I started this journey, I hated shopping for clothes. I despised it, feared it and tried to avoid it and thinking about how big I was. I felt embarrassed.

I especially hated going to Old Navy. They never had my size. Every time we’d go I’d look, not find anything, freak out, give up and spend a good chunk of the day hating on myself.

Today was different. I was excited to go…see, I’m down 6 inches around the waist! So I got new jeans and new work pants! Sah-weet!

I’m digging clothes shopping, and look forward to going again soon!

After Old Navy, we headed home and hung out…PG is teething and clingy. But it was nice hanging out all 4 of us.

Tomorrow I have a 45minute run, which I’ll knockout in the morning. K, PG and I will take Pam to work as we’ll be heading to Runners High n Tri in the afternoon for Coach Jen‘s get together! I can’t wait!

Afterwards we’ll pick Pam up and head home to get ready to tackle the week…and the snow apparently.

Next Sunday, Coach Jen has an 80 minute group run planned…who’s down?

More later…

friday fun…

19 February, 2010

I got up at 4am to run…but was still zonked out. I realized I was working from home and could run after I dropped Pam and the girls off…so I did. It was tough…warmed up for 5minutes, then took it up to zone 3 for 15 minutes, then up to zones 4-5 for 5 minutes…I cooled down in zone 2 and headed for home. It was tough…but I’m glad I did it.

A lesson though, don’t run while fasting for blood work…you won’t do that well, and well, if you’re like me and get the brand spanking new nurse doing said blood draw…it’s not fun. Especially when you are a little apprehensive about needles already. Noob nurse used me like a pin cushion…not able to find a vein in my right arm after 5 minutes of rooting around, she took to the left. Five more minutes passed and she found one…took her 3 tries to hit it though and well…I damn near passed out, or maybe I did. It’s a little hazy. I felt flush, then cold and started sweating a lot. They let me lay down for a bit and got me some orange juice and water…I was ok. But yeah, that was super fun.

So I’m working from home today, because I didn’t think fighting traffic to get to work was worth it.

This evening we’re grocery shopping and laying low…to kick off my rest day right lol!

More later…

gym day…

18 February, 2010

I hit the gym this morning, and it has apparently hit me back. I’m sore now…but a good sore.

Tomorrow Coach Jen has a 45 minute run scheduled…

BT: Step-ups. Warm up building to zone 3 heart rate. Hold for 15 minutes. Then step-up to zone 4-5a heart rate for 5 minutes. Relaxed form. Cool down.

It’ll be a nice way to kick Friday off!

The weekend schedule should be fairly light…outside of grocery shopping tomorrow evening, I don’t think we have much planned. Sunday I have a short run…and then at 4pm I’m heading to Runners High n Tri for Coach Jen’s party! I can’t wait! I’ve got my gift certificate from my dad and stepmom waiting…sah-weet!

Pam’s working tonight…so the girls and I will hang out for a bit. After they’re asleep, I may snooze on the couch or read. Not sure yet.

If you haven’t read about my dad– my second reason for running…go read, and then please go donate! And then, spread the word! Just like Regina did and like Coach Jen did! Thanks Regina, thanks Coach Jen, you’re both awesome!

I’m thinking we’ll start the pre-selling of team cubicle shirts tomorrow...maybe this weekend. There’s an option to pay online, or you can email me and we’ll set something up. We’ll see what happens!

More later.